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Why Rent to Buy
could be right for you

Rent to Buy

Rent now, buy later

Rent to Buy is a way to live in a good quality, affordable home while you save up to eventually purchase one – rent now, buy later.

The rent you pay is discounted by 20% off the market rate, leaving you with money each month to save up a deposit for a mortgage.

When you’re ready, you can use your deposit savings towards a mortgage to buy your property. If you decide to move on or purchase elsewhere, you can leave your Rent to Buy home just by giving us the notice required by your tenancy agreement.

Rent to Buy is a government backed initiative. You are guaranteed a reduced rent period for a minimum of 5 years, providing you pay your rent and keep to the terms of your tenancy.

As and when we have homes available for Rent to Buy, we’ll list them in our developments.

Why choose Rent to buy

Not ready to buy just yet?

Move in now, until you're ready to purchase.

No deposit for a mortgage?

Because the mortgage to buy will be smaller, the deposit you need is smaller too.

Household income less than £80k?

We’ll discuss the most affordable options with you.

Other options available to you

Find out the different ways to live in a Riverside Home Ownership property.

Shared ownership

Buy the share you can afford and pay a discounted rent on the rest.

Rent to Buy

Rent a home while you save up to buy it.


Full home ownership with leasehold services from Riverside.


Straight forward rent with services from Riverside Home Ownership.