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Repairs, defects and maintenance

Riverside Home Ownership does not have any repair responsibilities inside individual leasehold or shared owner properties. The responsibility for these, as well as for the roof if you live in a house, is yours as the leaseholder.

We are only responsible for the repairs and maintenance of any communal or shared areas.

For full details of repair obligations, you must refer to your lease. For any other help, clarification or advice on repairs, please contact our Customer Service Centre.

Reporting a repair
To report a repair in a communal area, call our Customer Service Centre on 0345 111 0000 – they’re open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You can also contact us to find out what is happening with an ongoing repair or for any other related enquiry.

Defects – brand new homes only
If you have bought a brand new home directly from us, some items are covered by a ‘defects period’ for a certain length of time. You will have been given specific details by our Sales team when you moved in.

Download our Defects and Repairs Guide for Shared Ownership Homes.

To report a defect item, contact our Customer Service Centre on 0345 111 0000.

Cyclical repairs and improvements
These are scheduled works which may include such things as re-painting the exterior or interior of buildings, replacing carpets in shared hallways or fitting new windows.

If there is a cyclical programme for your scheme, these works are planned as part of a cycle every so many years, as set out in your lease. We carry these out, consulting customers along the way.

Your lease will give details of any cyclical repairs, replacements and improvements which we are responsible for at your scheme and how often the work is to be carried out.

Health & Safety
Customer safety is our highest priority. We regularly check communal areas for safety and carry out fire risk assessments to reduce the risk of fire, ensure safe escape routes where necessary.

Customers must keep communal areas clear of any obstructions and rubbish at all times.

To report anything you consider a health and safety risk, call our Customer Service Centre on 0345 111 0000.

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