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Selling Up - 100% Owners

If you are a 100% owned leaseholder, there are still requirements contained within your lease with regard to selling your property. Under the terms of the lease, the requirements must be adhered to in order for Riverside Home Ownership to grant consent for the transfer to the new owner, known as the 'lease assignment'.

During the sale process, Riverside Home Ownership will liaise with both the buyer's and your solicitors, and we will respond accordingly to their various legal enquiries.

We charge an administration fee for providing this service.

For more detailed information, please contact us.

As a leaseholder, there's a few extra things to remember when you're selling

What are they?

Although you are a 100% leaseolder rather than a shared owner with us, there are certain conditions within your lease that must be met. We'll explain them all when you let us know you're moving.