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Buying More Shares


You can buy more shares of your home from us, known as 'staircasing'. For example if you own a 50% share of your home at the moment, you can staircase up to a 75% or even 100% share depending on the terms in your lease. You are under no obligation to staircase, so you can remain a shared owner for as long as it suits you.

If you decide to increase your share of ownership, contact us straight away. 

You must firstly obtain a valuation of your property, which will determine the price of the extra shares you are buying. The valuation must be by a 'RICS Certified' valuer (accredited with the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors). You will need to meet the cost of the valuation yourself and we will require a copy of the report. 

You should ask that the valuer disregards any increase in the valuation of your property as a result of any home improvements you may have carried out that have had our approval. This is so you do not have to pay for the added value of any improvements that you have already paid for, so it works to your advantage. We will then assist you and your solicitor throughout the legal side of the staircasing process.

Ready to take the next step up in home ownership?

What to do

Shared Ownership means you can buy your home in stages and usually own 100% of your property eventually. It's quite straight forward, but let us know when you're ready and we'll guide you through.