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Agent Quick Guide

A quick overview of how we can help customers onto the property ladder or into great value, high quality rented homes.

Shared Ownership

Through Shared Ownership customers buy a share of a brand new home from us, or in a resale property from an existing shared owner. Riverside Home Ownership holds the remaining share and the customer pays us a subsidised rent and a service charge on the share we still own.

That could mean a better home for the same price, or living in the area they really want. It also means a smaller mortgage, less of a deposit and lower monthly outgoings.

All Shared Ownership purchasers need to complete an application form and be approved by us. Read more here...

Leasehold Management and 100% Leaseholders

We also provide management services to properties for leaseholders who own their home outright.

Purchasers of these homes do not need to fill in an application, however the seller and buyer must meet certain legal requirements during the sales process for us to grant consent to the transfer.

Our specialist Sales team will help both parties' solicitors throughout the transaction and ensure all the legal requirements are met. Read more here...

You may also want to take a look at the Documents section we have made available to the left.

Great Value Rent

Although we mainly look after home owners, we also have a number of properties to rent. We manage these homes in a similar way to usual landlords and letting agents. We must approve all potential tenants before going through a conventional sign up process.

Riverside Home Ownership's range of homes and services

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We offer and manage lots of different types of properties, tenancies and affordable purchase options. Speak to us to make sure you know how they all work.