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100% Leasehold Sales

Where Riverside Home Ownership is the management company for a property (i.e. non-shared owners), we often provide a range of services to our leaseholders such as gardening, window cleaning and buildings insurance. The services we manage vary between developments. Details can be obtained from the seller, or from us directly.

When one of our leaseholders sells their property, there are a number of requirements within the lease which must be fulfilled before we can consent to the transfer of the property. The new leaseholder will not be able to register their transfer at Land Registry without this.

We will liaise with both solicitors, for the buyer and seller, to ensure these requirements are met. We charge an administration fee for the work that we carry out during the sale.

Generally, we will require -

From the seller:

  • a sinking fund payment based upon the sale price, where applicable
  • payment of service charge up to the date of completion, including any arrears
  • payment of our administration fee

From the purchaser:

  • a completed and signed Deed of Covenant if applicable
  • Notice of Transfer and Mortgage where appropriate
  • evidence of age where the are any age restrictions
  • payment of our administration fee

Contact us if you have any further queries.




We manage all services to regular leasehold properties too

What we do

It's not just affordable home ownership schemes that we manage... As a management company, we provide and monitor communal services and are involved in the sale of thousands of 'regular' leasehold properties.