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The Value of Governance

As a provider of housing services Riverside commands public trust and confidence, playing a vital role in tenants' lives.  Board members and employees of Riverside therefore have a responsibility to manage and deliver services in a way that enhances that public trust.  Organisations that are well governed make the best use of resources, manage risk effectively and help secure the present and future for its stakeholders.

Governance in Social Housing

Governance is important to all sectors of the economy - public, private and voluntary which have developed and adapted their own codes in line with their needs and circumstances. As a Registered Provider of Social Housing (RPSH) Riverside has adopted the NHF Code of Governance which says:

  "Governance is about organisational vision, mission, clarity of purpose and effectiveness.  As such, good governance enhances organisational reputation, and ensures better results are achieved".

Delivery of Governance by The Riverside Group Limited (TRGL) Board

An effective Board provides the organisational vision, mission, clarity of purpose and effectiveness essential for good governance and leadership by:

1.    understanding its role

2.    ensuring delivery of the organisation's objectives

3.    working effectively individually and as a team

4.    exercising effective control

5.    acting with integrity

6.    being open and accountable.

  The Board does this by upholding the 9 principles of good governance referred to the NHF code: 

  •        Ethics
  •        Accountability
  •        Customer first
  •        Openness
  •        Diversity and inclusion
  •        Review & Renewal
  •        Clarity
  •        Control
  •        Structures

Role of The Governance Working Group (GWG)

The GWG has delegated authority from TRGL Board to consult, consider and make recommendations to the Board for all aspects of governance in Riverside.

Role and Responsibilities of The Governance Team

  The Governance team:

 ·         supports the effective operation of The Riverside Group Limited's Board, its committees and meetings of the executive directors including the timely passage of business through the decision making process;

·         advises and supports Board members and executive directors on governance matters including:

1.    delegated decision-making

2.    Board and committee structures and the appointment, induction and appraisal of Board and committee members

3.    standards of probity:

·         the Bribery Act and ethics

·         declarations and potential conflicts of interest

·         grant of benefits including gifts and hospitality (Table 1 of the Governance Framework Document)

·         is the first point of contact for shareholder members and administers the Annual General Meeting (AGM)

·         executes legal documents to give effect to Riverside's decisions

·         advises on and ensures that Riverside complies with the requirements of its statutory regulators; Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), Companies House and The Charity Commission

·         provides and co-ordinates quality Board member and governance information to support tendering and business development activities

·         provides clear documentation on Riverside's governance procedures together with advice and assistance to all staff about implementation as and when required.




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